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Tip: Powermatic Brace
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Powermatic 3520 Brace

I have been using my 3520 Powermatic for fourteen years. I like to be able to position the headstock where I want, depending on the project. When turning a bunch of bowls or plates I like the wood mounted so that it is held between centers, toward the tailstock end of the lathe, so that I can work off the end of the lathe. (I start out with the piece of wood held between centers so I can adjust it as needed to take advantage of grain and figure.)


The problem, however, is that the tailstock or headstock would slip or creep a little when I advanced the tailstock or while turning. The spur center would spin a hole instead of digging in. To solve the problem, I cut pieces of wood to fit between the headstock and tailstock and also between the headstock and tailstock and the flip stop at each end of the lathe. I can now get that extra little bit of tension needed.


I have five or six different lengths for the tailstock to accommodate the thickness of the piece being turned. I also cut a notch in the wood at the tailstock end so that I can lay the tool I am using down while repositioning the toolrest. Cradled in the notch, the tool will not roll off the end. The wood piece at the headstock end is notched so it doesn't interfere with motor fan cover.


Dan Burleson, Troy, MO


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