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Tip: Vacuum Chucking with Stronghold Chuck in Place
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Vacuum Chucking with Stronghold Chuck in Place

I use the Oneway Stronghold chuck and didn't like to have to take it off to use a vacuum chuck. To solve the problem, I made a jig using a disc of MDF with a small disc of oak centered in the middle and glued in place. The oak is turned to the correct size to fit the standard jaws of my chuck.

  • I mounted the MDF/oak into the chuck and then drilled a 1" (25 mm) hole in the middle.
  • I slid a 1" (25 mm) dowel through the hole until it touched the end of the vacuum device in the headstock.
  • I retracted the dowel 1/16" (2 mm) and made a mark flush with the surface of the MDF.
  • I cut 1/16" (2 mm) off the dowel then glued the dowel into the hole at the previous mark.
  • I then glued a piece of self-sealing foam (SSF) to the end of the dowel so I would have a good seal on that end.
  • Then all I had to do was glue SSF to the face and make notches for the different size PVC pieces I use.

I made a variety of different-sized jigs to accommodate natural edge bowls, utility bowls, and plates, and I made a larger one to fit the large jaws of my chuck. Now, when I am ready to finish the bottom of a piece all I have to do is grab one jig for the size of jaws I am using at the time, chuck it, and I am good to go. With the largest size, I have turned wall hangings up to 40" (100 cm) in diameter, entirely with a vacuum chuck front and back. Be sure to take only light cuts and have an on and off foot switch handy.

~ Dan Burleson, Troy, MO

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